Ephod is a New York based fine jewelry brand co-founded by creative director Daiana Sued in 2021, a fashion and jewelry designer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

The Ephod collection is created for those who seek to resignify the classic jewelry in the world and dare to try the uniqueness of design and art from another point of view. 

Daiana's interest in the world of fashion and art bloomed at a very young age but, after having won several prizes at the university, she discovered her passion for jewelry, while her fascination for fashion remained undimmed.

She started a jewelry design course in Buenos Aires and, after graduating, she was presented with the opportunity to do an internship in a jewelry product development company in New York City where she began to understand how the real world of jewelry worked.

After completing the internship, she returned to Buenos Aires and began to design her jewelry, little by little until, after a few years, jointly with her husband and brothers they decided to found Ephod. 

Together, they aim to redefine the world of jewelry with unique pieces in the most elegant style. Inspired by the latest fashion trends, they create jewels of timeless beauty. Their distinctive gold and diamond designs are cherished for their stylish appeal and versatility. Their collection, conceived with unusual and outstanding details, thoughtfully crafted with love, is an expression of jewelry creativity, talent and brilliance.